Mad Hatter Wig & Hat

Milliner/Craftsperson: Molly Akin-McKinley


Wig Process

Wig Base
Two layers of buckram pulled with contrasting graininess for maximum strength. Held in place until hardened. Wig crown then cut and wired, ready for application of wig wefts.
Wired Wig Base
Millinery wire was dyed to match the color of the weft. The buckram wig crown was similarly painted to match the wig.
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Mad Hatter Wig
Finished wig. Materials for the hair included dyed moss (natural), and various foliage pieces of complimentary color (synthetic). These varied elements help provide the overall unique texture and whimsical non-human quality of this wig fitting for Lewis Carroll's "Mad Hatter".
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Hat Process

Foam Hat Block
This insulation foam was cut into appropriate shapes and taped into place for the steaming of the Fosshape hat. The pieces of the foam were taped in place with pull tabs in order to be removed once the Fosshape form was hardened.
Hat Side Band & Tip
A pattern was created for the general shape desired for the top hat. Typical of the "Mad Hatter" shape, this top hat is wider at the tip and narrower at the base. Once cut and sewn into this shape, the foam hat block was constructed in place inside of the hat, taped into place, and the hat was steamed until the Fosshape hardened as desired.
Hat Brim
The hat brim for the Mad Hatter hat was shaped and steamed into form using a brim block.
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Fosshape Top Hat
Here is the top hat prior to painting treatments.
Finished Mad Hatter Top Hat
Acrylic paint and spray paints were then applied to give a fabric-like quality print to the hat. A stencil was used to achieve the filigree design.
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