by: Marc Camoletti 

Costume Design: Molly Akin-McKinley

A sense of playfulness at its core, the goal of this design was to visually depict the diversity of Bernard's "perfect harem". 

Primary colors were chosen for this effect, with the palette "pushed" to allude to the introduction of Technicolor television of the early '60s. 


Gloria, the sassy, self-assured

and assertive fast-talker, was dressed like the First Lady of the time, a woman of power and influence. 

Gabriella, Bernard's sexy "red hot passion", was given the curviest silhouette with a jacket that cinched just

under the bust for extra lift.

Gretchen, the most sturdy and intimidating of the three, employed structured and rectangular lines.

The playfulness carried into their negligee - corresponding pastels of each of the girls' character color.

Playful humor continued through the use of a monogrammed "G" on each towel, further satirizing the details of Bernard's fabricated world. 

[Bernard: "Oh! A detail - my three fiancés have the same first initial for their names. 'G' for Gabriella, Gretchen, Gloria."]


Costume Designer: Molly Akin-McKinley
Director: Carolyn Howarth
Photographer: Porfirio Solorzano
Set Designer: Liz Whalen
Lighting Designer: Christopher Spencer