Creative Working Philosophy

    Costume Design is so much more to me than putting clothes on bodies; it is my art of storytelling. Through it I consider character and movement, mood and setting, to bring concept to life, convey resonating truths, and create understanding. One such understanding is this:


“In order for humanity to progress as a whole,

we will need to learn the language of others.” - Marty Solomon


    What I love most about the field of costume design is the inherent sphere of influence it lends to constantly learning about and immersing myself in the cultures of others. Learning the “language” of another – everything from how they dress to what they eat to how they celebrate or mourn – is crucial to humanity’s thriving. Humanity cannot survive, let alone thrive, without knowing, understanding, and loving one another.


    Diversity and inclusivity are key to true and transformational collaboration. I am a firm believer that I, as one person, have limitations. My mind is limited by my family of origin, by my personal experiences, by my personal likes and dislikes. On my own I have myopic vision. When we come together and set aside our preferences and our visions and yield ourselves to a greater vision developed together, the end product is always, always better.


    I believe that one of the greatest takeaways we should have about the existence of diversity is the sheer reality that it supersedes boundaries. However much a single person could create in one lifetime, a group of persons could always accomplish more - a diverse group of persons even more so. The group is greater than one. We are better together.


    When we learn about one another, learn from one another, we will always produce greater things. This is part of how we learn to express our creativity at its fullest – and that’s the kind of collaboration and creative working philosophy that I actively strive to cultivate.